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The Best Hot Desks in Dublin

Are you a small, online business or startup in need of a cheap office in Dublin? New startups or online businesses have the advantage of being able to work from anywhere via a virtual desktop, whether it’s Starbucks, a bedroom or a sofa, a library, or in the open air. While some work better from home, others feel that a certain environment inspires them to think creatively or makes them more productive, and for this reason hot-desking could be a cool alternative. What is Hot-Desking? In simple terms, hot-desking is the sharing of a work space or a station, and where the number of employees exceeds the amount of desks. This means that workers are allocated in a specific work ...
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How to Create a Google AdWords Campaign

The most important thing to take into account before deciding on an AdWords campaign are your goals, such as your customer reach and your advertising budget. While some campaigns are more difficult to manage and would need professional AdWords Services, others you can try and create yourself. Once you have a clear idea of these goals, sign in to, and click on the Campaigns tab. Within the Campaigns tab, under All Online Campaigns, select +Campaign. Decide between ‘Search Network only’ or Display Network only’, or both ‘Search and Display Networks’. How can you decide which Google Network is right for you? Next select the kind of device, location, language, bidding and budgets and ad extensions. Once you are happy ...
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Google AdWords for Irish Businesses

What Is Google AdWords? The concept of Google AdWords is very simple. People search on Google for a product or a service, Google picks up on keywords and directs them to websites to relevant websites. If Mary Flynn is searching for ‘the best furniture stores in Dublin’, Google will search for this phrase across websites to see which one has the best match. Marketing and advertising is an ongoing process for any Irish business, whether a startup or a well-established company. With AdWords, you can have your product/service/business appear as an advert beside content that is similar to yours. In this case, if you have a furniture store, your ad will appear on other furniture websites. As people see your ad, ...
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Controlling your Costs in AdWords

Some good tips to minimize your spending and maximize your ad exposure can be found here. Don’t forget to set your ad goal first and choose the right ad campaigns for you, whether on the Search or Display Network. When it comes to choosing how to best budget your ads, there is a wealth of information to take into account first. Once you've chosen the right budget option for you, you can optimize it by using Google AdWords automatic options or budget recommendations. Understand why sometimes Google may charge you more than you have set for an ad, or what to do when your ad budget runs out. Take a look at your bidding options: Automatic/Manual CPC CPC bidding is ...
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Setting Location and Language in AdWords

Location Settings in AdWords The cool thing about setting locations and languages is that, as it the title gives away, you can set your ads in whatever locations you like and also target customers by location. For Irish businesses, it is especially important to have their ads appear on It’s very simple-go to ‘Campaigns’ and find your online campaigns. The +Campaign button will allow you to update the settings of your campaign, where you will see ‘Locations and Languages’. Adjust accordingly. Don’t forget to save your changes. It’s easy to set up an ad location where you can filter by ad location such as city, state, postal code, TV region and much more. But how can you be more ...
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Keywords in AdWords

Are you stuck for keywords when it comes to building your own campaign? The Keyword Planner tool can show you the keywords which searchers are using and how many times each keyword is used. A statistic will also show you the competition of that keyword and how many more ads are using. If you type in your website URL, it will also give you an analysis of the keywords people typed to reach your website. There are plenty more out there, non-Google related keyword generators. The search term, or keyword, is more personalized to your own ad and will show you how your customers react to your ad and what keywords are triggering your ad. With this, you will be able to ...
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Ad Extensions in AdWords

What are ad extensions? When you search for your favourite restaurant in Dublin, for example, if you see contact information such as address (Google Maps), phone number or opening hours, you are more likely to click on the ad. These are all forms of ad extensions, or extra information about a business that is beyond the services/product it advertises. Ad extensions will cost you nothing more, unless clicked on, of course, and depending on your CPC. You can choose between: Location extension (so consumers can find your business) Call extension (provide a phone number so customers can directly call via the ‘Call’ button) Sitelinks (expose more pages within your website such as services you may offer or latest news) Social ...
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Quality Score and Ad Rank in AdWords

Quality Score and Ad Rank determines the success of your ad on Google and how visible it is to customers. What is a Quality Score? The Quality Score of an ad is Google's opinion of your ad, how good/bad it is from 1-10. Ad relevancy, use of keywords and good landing pages, which are SEO-friendly, are key to defining your quality score. This is tested based on your CTR (how many people clicked on your ad), the overall ad history of all your CTRs in previous ads and campaigns, the quality of a landing page, whether you use relevant keywords in your ad that match those on a landing page, the performance of your ad on websites in the Display ...
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Ad Rotation and Ad Reach in AdWords

What is Ad Rotation in AdWords? After you have chosen the right ad rotation for you, there is another thing to take into account. Is there one ad that you see over and over again that it turns you away from it simply because it’s annoying? Or think of that one song that repeats on the radio and that does your head in. Likewise, you don’t want to bombard a customer with the same ad repeatedly. To control this, go to ‘Frequency capping’ in ‘Campaigns’ —> ‘All online campaigns’, choose your campaign (remember this feature is only for Display Network Campaigns), then ‘Settings’ and ‘Advanced settings’ and then ‘Ad delivery’ and ‘ad rotation’, followed by ‘frequency capping’. Before entering the ...
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