Ad Extensions in AdWords

What are ad extensions?

When you search for your favourite restaurant in Dublin, for example, if you see contact information such as address (Google Maps), phone number or opening hours, you are more likely to click on the ad. These are all forms of ad extensions, or extra information about a business that is beyond the services/product it advertises. Ad extensions will cost you nothing more, unless clicked on, of course, and depending on your CPC.

You can choose between:

  1. Location extension (so consumers can find your business)
  2. Call extension (provide a phone number so customers can directly call via the ‘Call’ button)
  3. Sitelinks (expose more pages within your website such as services you may offer or latest news)
  4. Social annotations (how many Google+ followers you have)
  5. Seller ratings (show what your business ratings are)
  6. App extension (get the app for your business, ‘Download XXX here’)
  7. Offer extension (where an offer is detected in your text ad and you can select ‘View offer’)

An example would be if you own a dealership and are advertising for cars, you’d also mention Services and Maintenance options so that if someone has a problem with their car, they will be directed to your service page. You can do this by adding sitelinks that link to various pages within your website.

Google will give an ad offer extension (‘View offer’) if your ad is performing well and on top of the search results page. Extensions allow for extra information about your business and offerings. Sometimes Google picks up on offers or promotions within a text ad and will include a ‘View this ad’s deal’ button that will direct viewers to your landing page, provided the ad information matches what is on your landing page. Make sure your campaign is on the Search Network and targeted for desktops if you want ad offer extensions to be taken into account.

How To Set Up Ad Extensions

Go to Campaigns and Settings. See Ad extensions. (Tip: Make sure your campaign is set to ‘All features’)

You can also use shared extensions from previous campaigns to save you time. Be careful as sharing extensions means that when you try to edit them, they will take effect across all campaigns. To edit ad extension for a single campaign, you can use the Filter. 

Ad extensions are like bonus points which Google may offer you to extend your ad information if it is performing well. You should take full advantage of this!

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