Ad Rotation and Ad Reach in AdWords

What is Ad Rotation in AdWords?

AdWords Rotation

After you have chosen the right ad rotation for you, there is another thing to take into account. Is there one ad that you see over and over again that it turns you away from it simply because it’s annoying? Or think of that one song that repeats on the radio and that does your head in. Likewise, you don’t want to bombard a customer with the same ad repeatedly.

To control this, go to ‘Frequency capping’ in ‘Campaigns’ —> ‘All online campaigns’, choose your campaign (remember this feature is only for Display Network Campaigns), then ‘Settings’ and ‘Advanced settings’ and then ‘Ad delivery’ and ‘ad rotation’, followed by ‘frequency capping’.

Before entering the number of impressions, time interval and level, it is a good idea to do some background research to see how your customers behave, when they are active online and what times and days they will most likely click on an ad. For example the weekend, while many are away from work, have time to browse the internet. You will find many more analytical discoveries that will help you to make the ideal, customized rotation schedule and make the most of your ads to attract customers.

What is Ad Reach in Adwords?

When you see ‘this website uses cookies’ or ‘accept cookies’, this doesn’t mean you will get a cookie for being on the website. Cookies is a smalls set of data stored on a user’s computer. They hold data about to a particular searcher and website. Who can access cookies? The web server or the searcher computer. In short, Google can determine who saw your ad and visited your website based on cookies, and report it back to you as the web server. Don’t you ever wonder who saw your ad, and where? Were they in Dublin, Cork, Galway, the Inis Mor islands? Google also tracks the number of devices, Internet browsers, visitors, and length of time spent on your web page (making sure it’s not just 1 or 2 seconds). Don’t be fooled if you see that your ad reached over 1,000 people and that those 1,000 people saw your ad through impressions, or accessed your website by clicking on the ad. To estimate your impressions, use the Display Planner.

Sometimes you may see “Limited Reach” in your AdWords campaign. This simply means that not many IP addresses exist in your ad target location (for example Inis Mor islands) and that not many people live there.

In AdWords, select the Reach column to see your ad reach.

By familiarizing yourself with ad rotations and ad reach, you can see best how and when to target your audience with ads, and to make sure that your ads are not repetitive but much more appealing. Getting to know how many people your ad reached, you are in a better position to judge the performance of your ad.