Google AdWords for Irish Businesses

google adwords for Irish businesses

What Is Google AdWords?

The concept of Google AdWords is very simple. People search on Google for a product or a service, Google picks up on keywords and directs them to websites to relevant websites. If Mary Flynn is searching for ‘the best furniture stores in Dublin’, Google will search for this phrase across websites to see which one has the best match.

Marketing and advertising is an ongoing process for any Irish business, whether a startup or a well-established company. With AdWords, you can have your product/service/business appear as an advert beside content that is similar to yours. In this case, if you have a furniture store, your ad will appear on other furniture websites. As people see your ad, click on it and become redirected to your website, Google will charge you, known as Cost-per-click (CPC). Traditionally advertising meant that you pay for your ad to be displayed, but were never really sure if it would reach anyone, who it would reach, and where. The benefits of Adwords is that you can control how much you spend on advertising based on bidding options, where your ad is displayed depending on location, and also on which websites your ad will appear. So if Sean O’Toole is searching for the keywords ‘the best car dealers in Meath’ and he lives in the area, you can set an ad to match those keywords and made visible to him, directing Sean to your website and increasing your number of customers.

Even better is that with AdWords you can get analytics reports to see how your ad is doing and who it is reaching. In AdWords tools, you can edit and improve your ad based on these reports.

Think of the most specific keywords. Put yourself in the shoes of a visitor. What kind of words and phrases might they use? Sometimes it is good practice to go through customer emails, or queries to see what kind of words they use when asking for a service or product you may provide. Your ad may appear in the Google Search Results, or on other search websites with similar products/services as yours. These other websites form part of the Google Display Network. Google picks up on your keywords and if they match other websites, it will automatically place your ad on those websites. If you know your competitors well, you can choose which websites you want your ad to appear on by setting bidding options. 

What happens if you have an Italian restaurant in Kildare and Joe down the street also has a restaurant and you both place an ad with the keywords ‘best restaurant in Kildare’? Google will use Ad Rank to choose which ad to display. How well you will rank will depend on how much you spend on bidding, how good your ad and website is and what keywords you use (Quality Score). If you spend 50 cents per click on every ad and your Quality score is low, and Joe spends 60 cents, his ad is fabulous and his website is even better, his ad will most likely be favored by Google over yours. In summary, Google will not simply display ads on behalf of those who spend more, but also based on the quality of your website, keywords, and ad.

Online Advertising Vocabulary

Although all this may seem relatively new information, here are some key phrases you will be confronted with when it comes to Google AdWords.

Search phrases: Exactly as they sound, the words or phrases that someone types into Google.

Campaigns: if Mary-Jane is searching for ‘flower shops in Kilkenny’ and your business sells car parts, there is no point in directing your ad to her as it is not relevant. Campaigns make sure that your ads reach the right audience based on keywords, that the quality of your ads is excellent (think images, videos, good content and description of your products/services) and also time, location and the language in which your ad appears.

Organic searches are those that match websites with no paid ads. Paid searches are ads that match the words used by a searcher.

The average cost per click is how much you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. The landing page is the link to your page that is displayed on your ad.

An ad group is a bundle of adverts that share the same set of keywords.

Very soon once you get into Google AdWords, all the phrases will click like a jigsaw. Happy campaigning! Perhaps look into professional AdWords Services in Ireland if you are still unsure.

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