The Best Hot Desks in Dublin

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Are you a small, online business or startup in need of a cheap office in Dublin?
New startups or online businesses have the advantage of being able to work from anywhere via a virtual desktop, whether it’s Starbucks, a bedroom or a sofa, a library, or in the open air. While some work better from home, others feel that a certain environment inspires them to think creatively or makes them more productive, and for this reason hot-desking could be a cool alternative.

What is Hot-Desking?

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In simple terms, hot-desking is the sharing of a work space or a station, and where the number of employees exceeds the amount of desks. This means that workers are allocated in a specific work space, that is ideal for their needs and where they can leave their materials or belongings in lockers. Facilities such as internet and coffee are usually on offer and you do not have to commit to renting contracts.

Reasons to Hot-Desk

If you are managing several employees and want to cut overhead office renting costs, or are an entrepreneur with an online business, there are plenty of hot-desk facilities in Dublin.

If you would like to work in a professional environment without committing to fixed office leasing contracts, at a lower cost.

It allows collaboration and communication with other employees, clients or entrepreneurs who are working on their own individual businesses and startups. This kind of networking allows businesses to share creative ideas, learn from each other, and provide inspiration, while also establishing professional links.dublin hot desks, cheap office leasing in Dublin, cheaper offices in Dublin,

If your online business or startup requires a lot of client communication and being out of the office and you find yourself often away from your workspace.

It provides team flexibility and promotes learning and development among employees. For example if an employee must collaborate with a new team and then return to their original role.

Here are some top hot-desk offices in Dublin

Northside Enterprise Centre: This is a nice location with high-quality offices that can hold from 2-8 people. Bright, modern and spacious and of course, with WIFI, this could be your ideal workplace. You have 24/7 access to the office and can avail of short or monthly leases. For small additional costs, use their printing services, as well as discounted conference room services for all those presentations or workshops you’ve been wanting to host. With the NEC’s Pop Up Shops, you can advertise and promote your small business.

hot desks Dublin, cheaper offices in Dublin, benefits of hot desksAce Enterprise Park offers very cheap desk rentals in Dublin starting at just €99 per month. As well as their hot-desk offers, Ace also offers practical business training for all small business or startups, as well as training courses and business workshops in fields such as taxation, sales, marketing and bookkeeping.

BLOCKT is a creative powerhouse and filled with talented designers, artists, film makers, writers and independent creative individuals who need workshops, as well as hot-desks. You will be buzzing with energy and get swept away by the energetic atmosphere.

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The Guiness Enterprise Center (GEC) is the number one university incubator where all recent graduates, bursting with ideas and entrepreneurial flair, can come together. Unrivalled in what they offer, you can work side by side with other avid startups and also access capital investors who may be interested to fund your business.

DoCentre is another option to try when searching for your ideal hot-desk location. Their offices are on the main transport link lines, facilitating easy journeys to your work. The offices in Dublin are perfectly located among shopping district and cafes, as well as the buzz and vibrancy of a city. Pop out for a mid-morning coffee or a lunch with client. It is very close to Dublin Institute of Technology where you can access a large mass of professionals as well as enthusiastic college interns to help you grow your business. They offer virtual offices, hot-desks as well as a business address.

TCube is another alternative hot-desk facility that is located in the hustle and bustle of Dublin. Boasting their great coffee and high-speed WIFI, as well as a shower room, you can rent a hot-desk for as low as €1.67 an hour.

Other cheap office leasings in Dublin to consider are:, OfficeSuites, CoWorkinn, and CoCreate.

Some precautions you should take into account when hot-desking is to be organized and careful about personal and professional belongings, as they are your own responsibility.

While it may be cost-effective to hot-desk for employers, employees may feel undervalued or unrecognized for their work. Employers may also be limited in supervising or overseeing the activities and progress of workers.

hot desks in Dublin, innovation Dublin, best hot desk offices in DublinSome people also work better if they are in the same place every day as it helps them focus and they create a feeling of comfort and warmth, and this is a disadvantage for hot-desking as many people will be using the same desk as you. Also, bear in mind that some places can be louder than others and there will always be a competition for desks and facilities.