Quality Score and Ad Rank in AdWords

quality score google adwords,and rank google adwords

Quality Score and Ad Rank determines the success of your ad on Google and how visible it is to customers.

What is a Quality Score?

The Quality Score of an ad is Google’s opinion of your ad, how good/bad it is from 1-10. Ad relevancy, use of keywords and good landing pages, which are SEO-friendly, are key to defining your quality score. This is tested based on your CTR (how many people clicked on your ad), the overall ad history of all your CTRs in previous ads and campaigns, the quality of a landing page, whether you use relevant keywords in your ad that match those on a landing page, the performance of your ad on websites in the Display Network (if relevant), the devices you target and how well ads perform on each (whether mobile, desktop, table etc.), and also how successful is your ad in a target region? Make sure you optimize your website or seek out professional SEO services if you want to achieve a good QS.

Why is it important to optimize your Quality Score?

The QS of an ad will determine when and where your ad will be displayed on Google. If you have a high QS, you will pay a little less CPC. If your keywords have a high QS, you are more likely to have your ad appear at the top of search results pages or on websites. After all, the higher your ad appears on a page, the more likely your viewers are to click on it.

How can you check you your quality score?

Go to the Keywords tab within your campaigns. There is a speech bubble to click beside the status of your keywords and this will determine details of your quality score such as CTR, Ad relevance or landing page experience.

You can also add a column with a quality score. In Campaigns, go to the Keywords tab and add the Qual. Score column by clicking on Columns and Customize columns, then

and Add Qual. Score. SAVE!

Here is a typical example to help you understand Quality Score:

Tom O’Sullivan and Pat McGuirk are both plumbers who display an ad about their services, pointing back to their websites. Tom pays €2 for an advertisement, and Pat pays €3 his ad. Tom’s ad is much better in content, more relevant, targeting the best keywords and his website is cleaned up and optimized, whereas Pat has a mediocre ad, with few keywords and his website is a mess. Tom’s ad, who paid less, may be favored by Google. Quality, not quantity is Google’s motto!

What is AdRank?

Naturally, the first result a person sees that satisfies their search, is the one they will most likely click, without bothering to scroll down. A maximum of 3 ads per search page can appear. As an advertiser, your aim is reach one of the top 3 displayed ads. How can you achieve this? Take a look at the rule-of-thumb below and how you can optimize your Campaign Bid and Quality Score to climb up the AdRank.

Campaign Bid + Quality Score=AdRank

AdRank success can be optimized by increasing your bid, or Quality Score, or both.

Before you get started, it is a good idea to check your ad position on Google and how often it displays. In your AdWords account, under Campaigns, click Avg. Pos.

Save money and make appealing ads that are relevant, appealing and clear to your customers.